Gluten Free in San Francisco

On the way to BlogHer14, my friend and I spent a glorious day in San Francisco. I knew that there was a pretty good chance of finding gluten free goodies while we were in town.  I had no idea just what a treat we were in for when we visited Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen and Mariposa Bakery.

San Francisco musts for gluten free visitors and regulars:

photo 1 (20)

Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen – This 100% Gluten Free Restaurant is located at 401 Valencia Street. It is a quaint Venezuelan style restaurant that has a constant flow of locals and visitors alike.

photo (72)

My only wish – that I could have sampled everything on the menu. I ordered the vegetariana cachapas (sweet corn crepe with grilled tofu, plantains, black beans and garlic aioli). Their signature dish is the arepas – which looked amazing. I decided by a coin toss because I just couldn’t make my mind up. I do not regret ordering the cachapas as it was amazing. The only thing I regret – was only having one meal to try the dishes. I can only imagine how good the arepas, the plaintain and yuca chips and the yuca beignets with Dulce de Leche dipping sauce are after sampling the cuisine.

photo 2 (20)

To top it off – I had a glass of the papaya sangria.

photo 2 (18)

This morning we headed to the Ferry Building. We walked through the various stalls with our Blue Bottle Coffee in hand until we reached Mariposa Bakery.

photo 4 (8)

The world began to spin as I inched closer.

photo 1 (21)

and closer…

Oh, what to have, what to have…

Well, I picked an amazing cinnamon bun. For those not gluten free- I dare you to find one that is better!  (It is just NOT possible)

gf mariposa

Since I have two little gluten free loves waiting for me at home – I had to make sure to bring something special from from my travels.

photo (74)

The food scene in San Francisco never disappoints. And as a gluten free traveler – it continues to provide ample reasons to return. Gluten FreeK or not – these two treasures should be visited by all!

photo (73)


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