Loving the local life in San Francisco!

Alicia and I are attending the BlogHer 2014 conference in San Jose, CA. We decided to travel a day early so we could spend some time exploring San Francisco. We had a great time touring around, keeping our focus on local living in the city, and we found some great local spots. Here are some of out top picks:


At the Upper Haight Farmers Market, the produce was spectacular! I’m so jealous of the fact that strawberries grow all summer in California. Our strawberry season is much shorter in North Carolina. Since we couldn’t store or travel with the beautiful fruits and vegetables we saw, we chose some items from Inzana Ranch: dried fruit, walnuts and almonds. Delicious!

Near the Ferry Building, we found some wonderful local vendors at the San Francisco Art Market.

photo 3

Platinum Dirt makes leather goods out of salvaged materials.


DreamEcology makes beautiful clothing with original woodcut designs.


There’s a gorgeous selection of of jewelry at the craft market. Katie Carrin creates handcrafted, artisan jewelry from sea glass.

photo 1

We enjoyed a delicious coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee in the Ferry Building. This is a company that started locally in Oakland and has expanded over the years. The focus is on fresh, authentic coffee.

As we traveled around beautiful San Francisco, we realized it’s not always easy or convenient to seek out the local shops and vendors. But it’s worth the extra effort to enjoy a local experience while in a new place.










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