Gluten Free San Jose

I was lucky enough to attend a conference in San Jose this past week. I attended the Blogher 14 conference. Nearly 3000 participants descended upon the town. In between meetings – I was able to stroll around town and see some of the sights.


photo 2 (24)  


Since most of the meals where provided at the conference in the San Jose Convention Center, I did not explore quite as much of the local palate I had intended.   The San Jose Convention Center – did a good job in labeling the different dietary needs.


photo 4 (9)


As a vegetarian my favorite meal was the make your own salads with delicious gluten free tofu.

photo (86)


But we were able to sneak out a couple of times.


photo (77)


When the temperature hit 104 degrees – it was time to search for the best iced coffee in town.


Upon a local suggestion – we headed to Philz  Coffee


photo 2 (22)



where we got Iced Mint Mojito Coffees



photo 1 (27)


How have I missed this concept all my life??



One thing that was particularly interesting to me  – there were many locally owned food options in the area. I was disappointed I didn’t have more time to explore. For foodies in general – I do think it is worth the time to stop and sample something from one or more of the unique opportunities. Walk around the San Pedro Square Public Market and be reminded of what it is like to be in a food court without a chain.



photo 5 (2) photo 1 (25)



For gluten free folks – I would expect you can find more than enough options. I found several of the restaurants had gluten free options marked. Some included: Da Kine Island Grill – Hawaiian Good Karma Vegan Cafe Vegetarian House    One restaurant that just opened in the San Pedro Square Public Market is Arepa Swing. It is a Venezuelan restaurant and gluten free.



photo 2 (23)



If I hadn’t eaten at the conference – I would have started with this restaurant and worked my way through the other three.


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