To Do Lists – Solving Them Locally

Anyone else out there have different “To Do” Lists?
Don’t be shy – I know I am not alone! Well, I have too many to list.  I have your typical ones like what I need to accomplish today at home and for work. My more advanced ones consist of the long-term “To-Do” lists – often forgotten.
photo (87)

Recently, I decided to tackle one of those items. After almost a year of being on the list –  I wanted to finish a cork board project I started for my daughter.  All I needed to do was get a 24×24 piece of wood, glue the cork onto the board and then hang it up.   On my way to the grocery store, I stopped by Fitch Lumber to see if they had what I needed.
2013-10-17_13-24-49_43 (1)
Sure enough I went to the register, paid less than $5 ($4.73 to be exact) for my wood that they then cut it to my exact requirement. Within 10 minutes, I was back in my car and heading to my next errand. Later that day, my daughter and I glued the squares to the board.
The next morning I hung it up.
By the time I got the camera, she had already started to hang items on it!   It just so happened, I was near a national chain hardware store and decided to comparison shop for my wood purchase. In order to get the same type of wood (width, quality) I would have had to buy a  piece of wood  two times the size of what I needed and then have  it cut to size. The cost would have been over $10.  So even if I had to make two boards it would have been cheaper to purchase it at Fitch Lumber.
So guess what?  Look what we finished last night…
Yup, I stopped by Fitch Lumber and purchased a second board for the second child. (AND, crossed two tasks off my to-do list!)
Hmmm… less waste, less money, less travel time…. and two smiling kids! Keeping it local one purchase at a time.

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