Going Local in San Jose!


This year’s BlogHer conference was held in San Jose, CA, and we had a great time exploring this wonderful city. We sought out the local places that make this hi-tech area feel warm and welcoming, and here are some of the highlights we found:

photo 5 (2)

The San Pedro Square Market is a great place to experience authentic San Jose. There are restaurants, shops and events in this open air plaza and marketplace.

photo c

A fun place to browse local products is the shop Discover San Jose. They have a wide assortment of items, including souvenirs, locally made crafts and jewelry and merchandise for the local sports teams.

photo 2 (22)

We were in San Jose on a hot day, but we still needed an afternoon caffeine boost so we headed over to Philz coffee for an iced refreshment. And we were not disappointed; we had a delicious mojita-flavored iced coffee: yum!

photo 1 (27)

Another great place to explore the local scene is the San Jose Museum of Art.


They currently have an exhibition of recently acquired works titled Initial Public Offering: New Works from SJMA’s permanent collection. There are some beautiful and thought-provoking works in this exhibit.

photo b

Although we didn’t have the time to take in a show while we were in town, we did notice that San Jose has a great performing arts scene.  Next time!

We really enjoyed getting to know this fun city! Thanks San Jose for a great experience!








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