Pretending to be a Local in Berkeley

After attending the BlogHer14 conference we snuck an extra day of California in and visited a dear friend.

Let’s just say, our friend spoiled us.  Our morning started with my favorite – an Americano (freshly made!) and a peaceful morning on the deck! I may never be able to start my day the same again.

photo (88)

After we got our fill of the quiet and tranquil setting -we headed to Berkeley.

Our friend, a graduate of Berkeley lead us through campus.

photo 3 (23)

It was a lovely day to walk around town.


We strolled near People’s Park:

photo 1 (31)


To top it off Telegraph Street has a regular street fair on Sundays.


photo 1 (32)

And it is not everyday you get to spend time with Women Walking Tall!  What a special treat. This program was started in 1991 to empower women to learn the art of stilt-walking! These women ROCKED!


photo (83)

photo (89)

And my big excitement – I got to stroll through several used bookstores and picked up a used copy of Alice Waters cookbook.  A little above my home-cooked meals but this isn’t a cookbook you are going to find in the used section in NC.

photo 1 (29)

After a nice lunch we strolled through the rest of town.

There were many little locally owned stores on Fourth Street.

photo 1 (28)photo 1 (33)

(Casa de Chocolates had marked which chocolates were gluten and dairy free! Try the roasted quinoa bar or mango chili! AMAZING)

photo 3 (22)


(Gorgeous and Green was possibly one of the loveliest stores I have been in. Locally delivers via bike.)



photo 4 (10)


Which reminded me – even when traveling….  Shop Local!




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