10 Shopping Local Back to School Tips

I don’t know about your household but school is around the corner and I am still looking at the “To-Do-List” wondering if I can pull it off and get all the supplies needed before the 25th?

Remember every item purchased in town is helping your local economy, your community and most likely the neighbor who works in or owns the store! Below are 10 simple local shopping tips that I keep in mind when shopping for back to school.

photo 2 (30)

(lunchbox purchased at Twig)

1. LunchBoxes and BackPacks: 

The Children’s Store

Townsend & Bertram



2. School Supplies

My favorite place in town to pick up school/office supplies is Office Supplies & More. They have just about everything you will need for school whether it is preschool or university class list. Last year, I needed a special binder for one of my children and I called the store. They told me all the colors they had and held it behind the counter until I got there! Try and top that Big Box!

Office Supplies & More


3. Craft Supplies 

The Children’s Store

KatieBeth’s Learning Garden

Office Supplies & More

Scrap Exchange


photo (96)

(Tomatos and basil from Carrboro Farmer’s Market, Gluten Free Pita from Mediterranean Deli)

4. Lunchbox Goodies

Weaver Street

Farmers’ Markets


5. Clothes

Lots of fun local thrift shops out there!  Check out our list from a previous blog post.

Glee Kids

Townsend & Bertram

Twig (almost every single pair of socks in my house are from Twig)


6. Do It Yourself – so many options out there- so many places to find them!

Mulberry Silks and Fine Fabrics

Thimble Pleasures

PTA Thrift Shop

Scrap Exchange

Just can’t find the pattern you are looking for? How about create your own… Local Internet-Based company, Spoonflower might be just what you need.

photo 1 (36)

7. Sports Equipment

Back Alley Bikes (I bought my bike there)

Clean Machine/Bicycle Chain (I bought my daughter’s bike there)

Performance Bikes

PTA Thrift Shop

The Children’s Store

Townsend & Bertram


8. College Back to School

Sending a child off to college out of town – don’t forget to stock them up with t-shirts to remind them of home!


Johnny T-shirts

The Shrunken Head

This & That Gift Gallery

Thrill City T-Shirts

(Don’t forget many of the local favorite restaurants sell their own shirts as well).





photo 1 (35)

(Found this goodie at the PTA Thrift Shop. Hoping the art teacher will enjoy this extra book)


9. Books

The Bookshop of Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Library  (They do have a used bookstore in the downstairs section)

FlyLeaf Bookstore

KatieBeth’s Learning Garden

PTA Thrift Shop


10. Eat Local and Celebrate:  Gearing up for school may call for a celebration meal out! There are many local restaurants to choose! We are highlighting Elmo’s in Carrboro as a reminder that they give back to the Public Schools the first Tuesday of every month!


Where do you buy local for back to school?


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