Gluten Free Food Truck – Bang Bang Banh Mi

Look there is another food truck rodeo – my daughter says with a longing sigh… The words fall sadly into the air from the child that used to partake in any culinary adventure posed at her.

Now she and her sister – both gluten free glumly turn their heads away from the flyer.

That was our family story until last year.  That was before Bang Bang Banh Mi opened. Bang Bang Banh Mi is the first exclusively gluten free food truck in our area.


Their mission:

Bringing gluten free Vietnamese food to the triangle with Vegetarian and Vegan options that are not an afterthought.

Our first  (I stress first – and not last) visit was last spring. My husband and I happened to have our oldest with us, at lunchtime, and around the corner from the food truck. Here was her response:


I can guess your two questions:

1. What’s on her forehead?

2. How was the food?

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, that is a lightening bolt drawn on her forehead. And yes, it was related to a Harry Potter.

2. I could just describe the food, but why – when I have photos of our treat.

We each got the rice bowl for the first time.


Baked tofu with soy sauce and ginger

Five Spice Chicken

Lemongrass Beef

And what did our daughter think of her first Gluten Free Food Truck courtesy of Bang Bang Banh Mi….She couldn’t understand how I could stop and take a photo when the food was so good.

So now when we see a sign for a Food Truck Rodeo- the response is always, “Is Bang Bang Banh Mi going to be there?” Afterall, no rodeo would be complete without them!

Thanks Bang Bang Banh Mi – Keep Truckin!


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