Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event Summary

Last week I attended the  Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event in Raleigh.  This was a great opportunity for folks to see what is new and exciting in the gluten free world. The best part for me – all the North Carolina Based Exhibitors.
Don’t get me wrong, there were some great presenters and exhibitors that I enjoyed meeting, but trying to live local as much as possible – I was pleasantly surprised with the NC showing!
photo 2 (35)
 (Selfie with my best and yet littlest helper)

 These are the companies we went to and are happy to share info on them!
photo 3 (26)
Almost Heaven – This new Cary-based bakery is a dedicated gluten free bakery. The bread was a favorite for my little helper! I think we found a new excuse to visit Cary. (that and Whisk!)
 photo 2 (37)
Bang Bang Banh Mi – We love this food truck. How often have you seen an entirely gluten free food truck!  One little tip – if you like spice – order the sandwich as is…  If not, ask them to hold the peppers! (Here is a link to a previous blog dedicated to Bang Bang Banh Mi)
 photo 1 (43)
Bella Monica – Both a Raleigh restaurant and maker of the often found in the frozen section pizza!  Yum!
photo 5 (4)
Betty’s Better Bread – Betty is a great person to know!  She can whip up some incredible tasting brownies and angel food cake!  (The brownies were announced at the event and they were good!) Go Betty!
photo 4 (11)
(Chef Noreen with one of her biggest fans)
Celiac Cakery – We LOVE the Celiac Cakery. Noreen is a wonderful person. Not only is she a great baker – she is a great instructor. Soon after my daughters were diagnosed with Celiac Disease turned to me and said, “Oh great, there goes my dream of opening a bakery  and being a famous chef!”  I did a little research and found the Celiac Cakery. Noreen gives amazing cooking class for kids (and adults). And thanks to Noreen – Chef is back on the career option for my little one…
 photo (99)
DaisyCakes For those in Durham – you must stop by the store!  Lunch is awesome (I have the tofu scramble everytime). the desserts – well – WOW. And you can purchase their gf flour in local stores.
photo 1 (44)
Harmony Farms Natural Foods Store – I admit it being from the other side of the triangle – I did not know about Harmony Farms Natural Food Store. However, I do now, and what a great service to the community. They have the largest selection of gf foods in the triangle!
photo 1 (41)
Primal Food & Spirits – This new 100% GF restaurant opened in July in Durham. They are showing us the love – we need to show them the love and support them!  They just announced they will be offering brunch! Woot!
photo 4 (13)
REW’s Kitchen – After a taste of her waffles – I said one word, “FOODTRUCK!” (Actually, I said two words, I added, “Please!!!”)
 photo 3 (29)
Raleigh Raw– Looking for a great and refreshing drink? Loved Raleigh Raw. The bottles of juice tasted like they just came out of the juicer. (And they deliver all the way to Chapel Hill!!)
photo 4 (14)
Royal Cheesecake Varieties– If you like Cheesecake – this is the place to go to!  The cheesecake was too good for words.  They are a great husband and wife team and should be on your radar.
 photo 3 (28)
Saf Organics – Loved meeting the folks at Saf Organics. I picked up lip balm for each of my daughters. I choose the flavor that matched their personality. They are the top as they are: ethically-sourced, gluten free, organic, vegan, cruelty free and plant-based!  Hello Saf Organics!
In addition, there were several NC people of note that are worth following: 
Allergic Traveler
Everyday Mindfullness
Gluten-Free JetSetter
Gluten Free In NC
I’m A Celiac 
NutriMom – Tracy Bush
Remember: Shop Local North Carolina Based Gluten Free Companies!

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