How I am saved 2700 minutes of negative mother-daughter time

The back to school morning recording in my house:

“Hurry up or you will be late!”

“Did you brush your teeth?

“Put your shoes on!” 

“Wait -where are your socks?”

Until about 5 days ago – I thought we had streamlined every possible morning movement for one child in particular. She is just not a morning person.  Even as an infant she preferred to stay up late and get up whenever.

I thought I had come up with every single trick to get us out of the house on time and without yelling.

  • She sleeps in her clothes
  • She has evening chores and her sister has the morning shift

photo 2 (38)

  • Lunch boxes are packed the night before
  • Breakfast is decided and announced the night before (and table is set at night)

photo 1 (46)

  • Backpacks are packed and shoes are set out prior to bed
  • Even our bikes are set up

photo 1 (47)

And still…. we are loudly negotiating every morning to get out of the house.

Last week my daughter and I were talking about how we were going to make this year the best year!

How we were going to start the day off happy EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

We tried to see if maybe there was one more thing we could do to make getting out of the house better.  And then the light went off. It is all the socks fault. Every morning the same thing: Where are your socks? 

Yes, those darn socks have caused great stress in our house for many years!  Not anymore. They are now located in a bin next to our shoes.  One simple step and we just saved 2700 minutes are arguing this year alone!


So here is how I see it:

There  are 180 days of school per year. On average we spent 15 minutes in the morning arguing about socks. (yes, socks)

By putting the sock bin by the exit (and shoes) I just crossed those 15 minutes off ! Saving us 2700 minutes in one school year alone! That is 45 hours LESS of arguing!

Though we lost 180 hours over the past four years of negative interactions…  We have reduced future ones for the next nine years. That means 405 saved hours of mother -daughter arguments. (and at times – the sock arguments have tuned into mother-daughter-father-other daughter arguments)

I know I can’t cancel out every minute of arguing… but if I can remove the sock arguments while still wearing socks – it is worth every precious second.



(For other back to school tips check out previous local, green and gluten free posts)


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