Local Fun This Weekend!

Today starts Labor Day Weekend. A time we think about the importance of the workers around this country. This holiday was started to honor the contributions of the American worker. It is a time when we look at the success of the nation due to the workers that dedicate their time, skill and life. There will be many events around Carrboro and Chapel Hill, as well as the country highlighting the holiday. During this three day weekend, I challenge you to think about how to continue to support the rights of the American worker.

We are fortunate in our town, as many of our business work hard to do the right thing for their employees. There is one I want to highlight for their dedication to the fairness of their workers and the workers of the products they sell.

Weaver Street Market has been a staple in our community for more than 30 years. Weaver Street Market’s mission is a vibrant, sustainable commercial center for the community of owners and potential owners, which is 

  • Cooperative – control and profits stay within the community
  • Local – maximizes local resources to meet local needs
  • Ecological – works in harmony with the environment
  • Primary – provides for basic community needs
  • Fair – mutually beneficial and non-exploitative
  • Inclusive – accessible to the whole community
  • Interactive – creates opportunity for community interaction
  • Empowering – enables fulfilling work and customer experiences
  • Educational – develops an informed community
  • And is reliant on community support – to purchase goods and services, invest in the cooperative, and participate in governance.
This Saturday from 3-5pm at the Carrboro location come join Weaver Street and your neighbors for their first Coop Fair Learn more about all the good they are doing, how you can get more involved and support local!

Other activities to note:

photo (90)


Paperhand Puppet Intervention this weekend!

As always the Farmers Markets

Other activities in town – check out these community calendars:

Chapel Hill Magazine

Visit Chapel Hill



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