Try Local First!

Try Local First!

I think we’ve all been complacent shoppers at some point, and have inevitably ended up at a national chain for a product we need. Sometimes it’s just easier and more convenient. But if we are serious about growing our local economy (and I know we are!), then we all need to Try Local First.

I recently had a great local shopping experience. Our beloved family pet passed away recently, and I wanted to find a way to commemorate her life. I had the thought that a stepping stone with her name on it would be nice; something we could make as a family and put in our flower garden, her favorite outdoor spot. There are kits for these at the national craft and hobby chain stores. But I thought I’d Try Local First and check out the products at KatieBeth’s Learning Garden.


What a gem of a store! It’s tucked away in the Galleria Shopping Center on Elliott Road in Chapel Hill. It’s full of all things crafty and educational for kids.

I poked around a little, but didn’t see a stepping stone kit. I asked the friendly sales person and was told that they just had a kit come in on consignment. I admit that I was a little nervous about buying it; judging from the pictures on the cover of the box (one stone says “Tim’s First Goal, 1994″), it looked like it was a kit from the 1990’s!


But all the pieces seemed to be in the kit, along with the instructions, so I decided to purchase it. It worked beautifully! We ended up with a wonderful stepping stone in honor of our sweet cat.


So the next time you are tempted to do the easy thing and shop at a national chain:             Try Local First, and you may be surprised what you find!


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