Why I Cannot be a True Food Blogger

There are many reasons why I cannot be a food blogger.

  • I don’t make fancy of meals at home.
  • I don’t go out to eat that much.
  • And when I do go out to eat – I usually do not keep the camera on the dinner table.
  •  When I eat with my family or friends, I like to enjoy the moments with them. I like to laugh with them. I like to talk with them. I like to celebrate with them.  And I prefer all that too some eyes rolling at me when I ask them to wait to eat until I get a good shot…

Over the summer,  my youngest daughter’s birthday. She turned nine! When asked what she wanted to do special for her birthday she responded very quickly. “I don’t know, but I want to spend it as a family.”  Not a single request for a party or what we bought her for her birthday – she just wanted to be together.  And you can bet that her dad and I were glad to comply with her request.

We did our regular Saturday morning routine of the Carrboro Farmer’s Market. However, she was the lead purchaser.  We then converted the purchases into an amazing Farmer’s Market Lunch. (I admit it – I did take a photo). Everything but the Austrian cheese was produced in North Carolina.


For those interested in Miriam’s farmer’s market picks:

Imagine That Gluten Free Focaccia

Tomatos and Blueberries from  Whitted Bowers Farm

Ferguson Farm for Peaches

Sweetwater Pecan Orchard Eggs and Elliot Pecans

A big shout out to Wildhare Farm for all the gorgeous flowers.

This time around the cheese is from Ashe County Cheeses. We picked both the Ashe Cheddar and the Austrian cheese from the store in West Jefferson. (Weaver Street Market sells Ashe County Cheese)

We spent the afternoon with our dear friends in Durham and attended the Paul Taylor Dance Matinee as part of the American Dance Festival at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

The rest of the day was spent walking, talking and browsing our way through Durham until our dinner reservation.

Stay tuned for a long overdue post to learn about our wonderful visit to Primal Food & Spirits.


4 thoughts on “Why I Cannot be a True Food Blogger

  1. […] Please note – If anyone has a challah photo they took – I would gladly include it in this post and give you credit. I often forget to take photos in the moment –  thus once again, I am reminded of my blog post on why I cannot be a true food blogger. […]


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