Gluten Free at Merlion in Chapel Hill

On a recent night out my husband and I discovered a local favorite. Merlion is located on the main street in Southern Village. For years I have heard people talk about this restaurant. The restaurant prides itself on being authentic Singaporean. The variety of offerings, are a sampling of the wonderful variety and influences of the Singaporean cuisine.


photo 1 (65)

I cannot believe it took us nine years to go to Merlion in Southern Village. I guess we are creatures of habit and we tend to go to our favorites over and over. Lucky for us, we decided to branch out and try something new.

To my delight not only were they well versed in gluten free foods, they brought out a special menu.

photo 2 (55)


I try to take photos while we eat out – but I often opted for quality time with friends and family, rather than stop and take a photo of food. I once wrote a blog post of this topic and why that may not make me the best food blogger. But, this time around I was able to get a photo of Stephan’s dish, but I opted to put the phone away and spend quality time with him.  For those interested in more visuals, I highly recommend trying the restaurant on your own and getting the real visuals.


For those in Southern Village and on that side of town, I can understand why you return to Merlion. I can tell you that I will be back and next time, I am bringing the whole family! Looks like we added a new restaurant into our favorites mix.


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