Fairytale Pumpkin

This post is from last year when I guest blogged for 42Local.  But I loved my Fairytale Pumpkin.

Had to share a picture of our pumpkin. It is called a Fairytale Pumpkin. I admit it – it doesn’t look like any I had as a kid. The name and look inspired me to do a little research. Though the origin of the Fairytale Pumpkins , also called a Muscat Squash, started in France, I picked this locally grown one up at Weaver Street Market.


Turns out there are lots of recipes out there using the Fairytale Pumpkin.  Everything from pumpkin soups to pies.  I have to admit I am tempted by one of my favorite chefs and Raleigh-based,  Linda Watson, Cook for Good has a delicious sounding recipe for Pumpkin Butterscotch Pudding.

Until it is time to cook this pumpkin, I cannot imagine a better one to be on the front porch.


I love the deep ridges and color of this pumpkin. I sometimes find myself dreaming of it  “magically” transforming into a stagecoach. I  bet you know what songs are being sung in our house right now, as my youngest studies her lines  as Jaq the Mouse, in the upcoming performance of Cinderella for the youth theater group, Broadway Bound.


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