Halloween costumes, part 2!


In our neighborhood on Halloween, we have a tradition of gathering all the kids in the cul-de-sac for a pre-trick-or-treating costume parade. It’s a time for the kids to meet and show their costume creations.

We’ve seen a lot of great costumes in this parade over the years, from simple to very elaborate. The one costume my kids remember the most over all these Halloweens is a box. Yes, a box. A boy dressed up as a cardboard box has been the most popular and talked about costume over all the years (this boy is in college now!). It was a very simple costume; he wore a cardboard box over jeans and a t-shirt. It became legendary; I think my kids were taken by the fact that you really could become whatever you wanted on Halloween with just a little creativity.

So when you’re thinking about Halloween costumes this year, remember to keep things simple. You may be surprised by the things you come up with!

As we detailed in an earlier post, there are some great local second hand shops that have lots of inspiration and fun finds. If you’re looking to make something simple from scratch, here are some fun ideas:

Raining cats & dogs: easy to put together with an umbrella, stuffed or cut out paper animals, raincoat and rainboots:

From Cheerios and Lattes, a s’mores costume: a creative variation on the cardboard box!

Natasha Jansen Designs has a great blog about last minute Halloween costumes. How about Rosie the Riveter for some girl power?


Finally, Triangle Localista has the scoop on the 1st annual Vendor Costume Contest at the Durham Farmers’ Market this Saturday, October 25th. This fun event will raise funds for the Double Bucks SNAP/EBT program at the market. You may get some great ideas for your own costume at this event!

What are your favorite ideas for homemade Halloween costumes?


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