Halloween Decorations: Keep it Local!


It’s amazing all the creative Halloween ideas that are bouncing around the blogosphere these days as Halloween rapidly approaches! We took the time to browse through some blogs from our fellow WordPress bloggers and here are some favorites!


Revamperate has a great DIY blog on making a paper bat swarm. The items needed are easy to find around the house or at your local hardware or craft store.

Candles are such fun decorations at Halloween! Vintage Curls has a clever blog on a candle-themed craft.

And don’t forget about the pumpkins! There are a lot of local pumpkins in our area (check out our list here), and Oh No Wonder has a creative blog about pumpkin decorating.

Remember to keep it local when buying supplies for your Halloween crafts and decorations! We are lucky to have a great selections of local craft and supply stores in our area. We are especially fond of the helpful folks at Fitch Lumber in Carrboro, and KatieBeth’s Learning Garden and Office Supplies & More, both in Chapel Hill.


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