Local and Green Invitation Options

There comes a time in most lives where an invite is necessary. A simple word of mouth, phone call or text can work just fine for most events. However, for larger events we all are faced with choices.
Do we go with paper or electronic?
Only you can make that decision, but here are some helpful tips to help you chose!
Green Alert: You may consider using online communication  for your event versus paper. For example, post all directions and hotel information online -avoiding printing paper. Also, don’t forget thank you notes! You’ll want to consider the same earth-friendly options for these, too.

One thought on “Local and Green Invitation Options

  1. […] She continues to study with her Hebrew tutor and attend religious classes. Now, some of the initial planning is on her parents. We recently, reserved a block of rooms for our out-of-town guests because I looked at the calendar and realized it move-in weekend for the university in town. With that in mind, even though there is plenty of time before the actually event, some of our planning has to be moved up.  With the block of rooms reserved, the next step is a Save the Date reminder to those traveling from afar. Of course, a Save the Date reminder then lead to the conversation of invitations. […]


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