How I am saved 2700 minutes of negative mother-daughter time

The back to school morning recording in my house:

“Hurry up or you will be late!”

“Did you brush your teeth?

“Put your shoes on!” 

“Wait -where are your socks?”

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Gluten-Free Back to School Tips

We are in the countdown for back to school.  Actually, we know some friends have already hit the books. With the books, comes lunchtime wonders.  As a gluten free household, we take a few extra steps to gear up for going back to school.


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Local Gluten Free Treats

Admit it – we are all looking for snacks. Something that will fill a lunch box or a hunger.

Hoping these quick tips will help those snacks stay local and gluten free!

Fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmers’ Market or Weaver Street.

Don’t forget dried fruit both store bought and homemade.

photo 3 (29)

Here are some local NC brands to consider looking into:

10 Shopping Local Back to School Tips

I don’t know about your household but school is around the corner and I am still looking at the “To-Do-List” wondering if I can pull it off and get all the supplies needed before the 25th?

Remember every item purchased in town is helping your local economy, your community and most likely the neighbor who works in or owns the store! Below are 10 simple local shopping tips that I keep in mind when shopping for back to school.

photo 2 (30)

(lunchbox purchased at Twig)

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