Halloween Decorations: Keep it Local!


It’s amazing all the creative Halloween ideas that are bouncing around the blogosphere these days as Halloween rapidly approaches! We took the time to browse through some blogs from our fellow WordPress bloggers and here are some favorites!

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Halloween costumes, part 2!


In our neighborhood on Halloween, we have a tradition of gathering all the kids in the cul-de-sac for a pre-trick-or-treating costume parade. It’s a time for the kids to meet and show their costume creations. Continue reading

Green and Local Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!

Are you like me? Really wanted to dress up, but just never got to finish (or start) your costume …

Have no fear – there is still time to find a costume in Chapel Hill!

Did you know that Dance Design in Ram’s Plaza has over 700 costumes for rent!  Perhaps a few less to choose from at this point for today – but I bet there is something you can find!

And for those want the Vintage Look – I have several suggestions:

Clothing Warehouse on Franklin Street – may  have those final touches! Perhaps you are in need of a pair of sunglasses, a jacket or a special t-shirt. Stop by and check them out!


They still have MANY options for the perfect costume!

Still looking for the perfect accessory for the costume? Perhaps something with sparkles? Or perhaps you need a boa or vintage jewelry. Try one of the many thrift shops in the area – children and adults alike can find something perfect!

Crafty? Want to make your costume from scratch. Two places not to miss:

KatieBeth’s Learning Garden – Lots of crafts and supplies – both new and consigned.

For those willing to venture outside of Chapel Hill – You will not be disappointed at the Scrap Exchange and it’s new location.


It is not too late to have the coolest costume without leaving Chapel Hill and Durham.

Happy Halloween!

10 Shopping Local Back to School Tips

I don’t know about your household but school is around the corner and I am still looking at the “To-Do-List” wondering if I can pull it off and get all the supplies needed before the 25th?

Remember every item purchased in town is helping your local economy, your community and most likely the neighbor who works in or owns the store! Below are 10 simple local shopping tips that I keep in mind when shopping for back to school.

photo 2 (30)

(lunchbox purchased at Twig)

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To Do Lists – Solving Them Locally

Anyone else out there have different “To Do” Lists?
Don’t be shy – I know I am not alone! Well, I have too many to list.  I have your typical ones like what I need to accomplish today at home and for work. My more advanced ones consist of the long-term “To-Do” lists – often forgotten.
photo (87)

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