The Local Green and Gluten Free Bat Mitzvah – Post 1

It is hard to believe my first born is getting ready for her Bat Mitzvah. I am not sure what is harder: the reality of her being 13 soon or the reality that I am 13 years older than the day. Either way, I am so happy for her, watching her grow and change with each task. Being a Bat Mitzvah is not one of those small tasks. She has been working hard and as time gets a closer she her efforts will increase. Continue reading


Green and Local Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!

Are you like me? Really wanted to dress up, but just never got to finish (or start) your costume …

Have no fear – there is still time to find a costume in Chapel Hill!

Did you know that Dance Design in Ram’s Plaza has over 700 costumes for rent!  Perhaps a few less to choose from at this point for today – but I bet there is something you can find!

And for those want the Vintage Look – I have several suggestions:

Clothing Warehouse on Franklin Street – may  have those final touches! Perhaps you are in need of a pair of sunglasses, a jacket or a special t-shirt. Stop by and check them out!


They still have MANY options for the perfect costume!

Still looking for the perfect accessory for the costume? Perhaps something with sparkles? Or perhaps you need a boa or vintage jewelry. Try one of the many thrift shops in the area – children and adults alike can find something perfect!

Crafty? Want to make your costume from scratch. Two places not to miss:

KatieBeth’s Learning Garden – Lots of crafts and supplies – both new and consigned.

For those willing to venture outside of Chapel Hill – You will not be disappointed at the Scrap Exchange and it’s new location.


It is not too late to have the coolest costume without leaving Chapel Hill and Durham.

Happy Halloween!

Honeysuckle Tea House

Sometimes we all need to discover a new place in our own backyard. This is what happen to me recently. I had heard that the Honeysuckle Tea House opened this summer, but hadn’t ventured down Jo Mac Road in a long time.  Lucky for me, it was it the last week of summer. My girls and I were trying to prolong time. We thought about our summer bucket list and realized it was time to discover the Honeysuckle Tea House.

photo 1 (64)

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Loving the local life in San Francisco!

Alicia and I are attending the BlogHer 2014 conference in San Jose, CA. We decided to travel a day early so we could spend some time exploring San Francisco. We had a great time touring around, keeping our focus on local living in the city, and we found some great local spots. Here are some of out top picks:


At the Upper Haight Farmers Market, the produce was spectacular! I’m so jealous of the fact that strawberries grow all summer in California. Our strawberry season is much shorter in North Carolina. Since we couldn’t store or travel with the beautiful fruits and vegetables we saw, we chose some items from Inzana Ranch: dried fruit, walnuts and almonds. Delicious!

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