Sweet Potatoes, Smashfest and Small Business Saturday!


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Local and Green Invitation Options

There comes a time in most lives where an invite is necessary. A simple word of mouth, phone call or text can work just fine for most events. However, for larger events we all are faced with choices.
Do we go with paper or electronic?
Only you can make that decision, but here are some helpful tips to help you chose!
Green Alert: You may consider using online communication  for your event versus paper. For example, post all directions and hotel information online -avoiding printing paper. Also, don’t forget thank you notes! You’ll want to consider the same earth-friendly options for these, too.

Try Local First!

Try Local First!

I think we’ve all been complacent shoppers at some point, and have inevitably ended up at a national chain for a product we need. Sometimes it’s just easier and more convenient. But if we are serious about growing our local economy (and I know we are!), then we all need to Try Local First.

I recently had a great local shopping experience. Our beloved family pet passed away recently, and I wanted to find a way to commemorate her life. I had the thought that a stepping stone with her name on it would be nice; something we could make as a family and put in our flower garden, her favorite outdoor spot. There are kits for these at the national craft and hobby chain stores. But I thought I’d Try Local First and check out the products at KatieBeth’s Learning Garden.


What a gem of a store! It’s tucked away in the Galleria Shopping Center on Elliott Road in Chapel Hill. It’s full of all things crafty and educational for kids.

I poked around a little, but didn’t see a stepping stone kit. I asked the friendly sales person and was told that they just had a kit come in on consignment. I admit that I was a little nervous about buying it; judging from the pictures on the cover of the box (one stone says “Tim’s First Goal, 1994″), it looked like it was a kit from the 1990’s!


But all the pieces seemed to be in the kit, along with the instructions, so I decided to purchase it. It worked beautifully! We ended up with a wonderful stepping stone in honor of our sweet cat.


So the next time you are tempted to do the easy thing and shop at a national chain:             Try Local First, and you may be surprised what you find!

Local Gluten Free Treats

Admit it – we are all looking for snacks. Something that will fill a lunch box or a hunger.

Hoping these quick tips will help those snacks stay local and gluten free!

Fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmers’ Market or Weaver Street.

Don’t forget dried fruit both store bought and homemade.

photo 3 (29)

Here are some local NC brands to consider looking into:

Going Local in San Jose!


This year’s BlogHer conference was held in San Jose, CA, and we had a great time exploring this wonderful city. We sought out the local places that make this hi-tech area feel warm and welcoming, and here are some of the highlights we found:

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GFAF Wellness Event August 9 in Raleigh #GFAFEvent


There is a great opportunity coming to town next week!  Learn about Gluten Free Products, local restaurants/companies, listen to speakers and meet new people!
Read to the end of this post to find out how you can win tickets to the GFAF Wellness Event in Raleigh on August 9!

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To Do Lists – Solving Them Locally

Anyone else out there have different “To Do” Lists?
Don’t be shy – I know I am not alone! Well, I have too many to list.  I have your typical ones like what I need to accomplish today at home and for work. My more advanced ones consist of the long-term “To-Do” lists – often forgotten.
photo (87)

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