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Random notes related to all things Software Engineering and Technical Leadership.

Hello, World!

Printing “Hello, World!” is most likely the first program that many of us write when starting with a new programming language. Certainly, this is how I started with The C programming language almost 18 years ago. Continuing the tradition, I am starting my personal blog with “Hello, World”.

I am not expecting any new reader (outside of my close circle) to notice this blog yet but if you happen to land on this space for any reason, you may wonder why starting a new blog now?. Isn’t there enough digital content already? and does the world really need yet another place to read? Well, I am not really sure if I am writing this for the world but I am certainly writing this for myself.

I have been in the real world of Software Engineering for the last 14 years. Had such a fun ride working on trading systems, supporting market research and publication platforms and building massive infrastructure products and services from ground up. Much of the software I have built and contributed is still alive and operational (as of June 2024). I had the opportunity to work with many skillful individuals and learned a quite a bit along the way in the software engineering and as well as in the technical leadership. While I am a vivid notes taker by hand, I felt the need for digitizing and structuring my key learnings and experience for myself and potentially for any prospective readers. Besides, writing in public will push me further to be better with concepts and understanding.

So, here I am - starting with my first “Hello, World!” note. I am keen to write about things I know and things I am going to explore in various publishing platforms and will index them here at aknotes with a bit more context and personal notes. Sometimes, I will write exclusive content directly here at aknotes.

Btw, if you are curious how I started with this blog, its just github pages with a custom domain name. Blog is built with Hugo and using the theme smigle. Though, I am still looking for a theme that matches my taste. I will put a note when I upgrade to a new theme. And, it just took one leisure weekend to bootstrap the blog.